Development in Digital Times

The historical wood painting

Wood painting is not historically linked to any technical invention – in contrast to jacquard weaving.

The historical painting workshops were more like artists’ studios, and thus this craft has always been closely linked to art.

Technical progress

Technical progress With the progress in digital printing techniques, however, a new era for wood painting could dawn.

NOMY recognized this early on, embraced the technical development and led this genre to new heights.

In coordinated steps, technique and manual skills are combined as in the original artists’ studios. Wood painting is carried gracefully into the 21st century.

The digital art studio

The exhibit carriers, such as wooden planks, boards and panels are pre-drawn with carving tools, lacquers, paints and also acids before digital printing.

The digital print on top of this gives a surprising and always unique effect.

In a further process stage, the final, manual surface treatment takes place. The finish gives the work its final brilliance and radiance.